The vision of the Canada Awakening YouTube TV Channel is to focus on land issues such as the healing of the land, stewardship issues, and the connecting of people and land from a biblical perspective.  The Bible refers to the "earth" or to the "land" over 3,000 times, and has more to say about this topic than almost any other topic.

The Mission

Few, if any, western churches ever teach on the healing of the land, nor do they focus on addressing the social, economic, environmental and cultural issues facing the isolated, remote, indigenous communities of Northern Canada in a way that connects the spiritual element as an integrating factor with the social (issues of family and community relationships), educational (training and equipping), economic (where the land is healed so that the land supports the inhabitants in a community to become more self-supporting from within) and cultural issues (regarding paternalism and assimilation) that these communities face on a journey towards transformation.

A holistic approach rooted in the knowledge of the land as a gift from the Creator is needed, and that while healing and reconciliation is needed at every level in Northern Canada, that in order to be sustainable it must be most firmly rooted in the communities.

The message that the church has been bringing pertains mainly to going to heaven after one dies, without much focus on bringing the life, the light and the love of the heavenly Father into the sphere of Mother earth.  The earth, and the land, are presently in a state of groaning, of pain and of travail, and are in need of healing, and as human beings, we are also in a state of groaning together with all of creation, waiting and eagerly longing for the children of God to be revealed.  Romans 8:19-23.

People Involved in the Project

Roger Armbruster, Host of Canada Awakening TV

Daniel Fewster, Teacher on Identity and Righteousness Consciousness

Kevin McQuade, Canada Awakening YouTube TV Producer

Robert and Marty McLean from Fairford, Special Guests for initial telecasts

Many more Indigenous guests to come who will speak to the issues of the day

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