Roger Armbruster
President of Canada Awakening Ministries

Roger Armbruster’s life has been dedicated to a ministry of reconciliation, and of building bridges between cultures, nations, denominations and generations. He sees cross-cultural reconciliation as a key to making disciples of all nations, and in seeing God’s House become a House of Prayer for all nations. As director of Canada Awakening Ministries, he is a leader in facilitating Native-Non-native reconciliation, and in restoring the indigenous peoples of the land to reflect that part of God’s image that He has deposited in them in their sounds, songs, praise and dances.




Daniel Fewster
Missionary of Canada Awakening Ministries / Project Discipleship & Prayer Room

Daniel Fewster attended Capernwray Bible School in Carnforth, England, as well as the School of Biblical Studies offered through Youth With A Mission in Turner Valley, Alberta. Both offered amazing experiences through which He gained knowledge about the Bible.

In Daniels own words, “They seem now like stepping stones leading to and undergirding what would happen years later. After much, much studying and acquiring knowledge, the gospel finally came alive to me when Jesus illuminated the Truth of himself to me in my heart. All of the scriptures started really making sense to me after I encountered the real Jesus. The bible was meant to reveal Jesus. We are meant to reveal Jesus. Jesus is teaching me to reveal him to the world through not only my words, but through the life I live. And I desire to teach others the same.” Fewster is currently involved in starting True North School of the Kingdom, a discipleship program geared towards walking out the gospel in power. He is also currently involved in Becoming Love, a project of Sea of Glass focused teaching and experiencing “hands on” kingdom living.